Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information You Should Read Before Ordering

Article 1
If you place another order on the same link while the order you placed, the system will give an error and your balance will be burned.

Article 2
If you place an order with your profile hidden, the system completes the order status and does not refund the transaction fee!

Article 3
If part of your order is completed or canceled (except for Item 2) your money will be refunded. Please try to re-order or order from our different service.

Article 4
You must not enter another order at the same address before an order is finished.

Article 5
Bot followers are not guaranteed in any way, although the time to be maintained is not clear, incoming followers can be deleted even the next day.

Article 6
Your order starts within a maximum of 48 hours.

Article 7
+ 18, adult, coupon sales account or illegal gambling etc. membership is prohibited.

Article 8
The balance that is entered into the system is not returned, but if we deal with a service with us, a refund is made if that service has problems and is removed.

Article 9
After placing your order, account, shipment etc. Do not change their IDs, hide them or shoot from anywhere else until the order is completed. If the transaction results incorrectly or results without sending, do not enter transactions from other places until we receive a response!

Article 10
Anyone who has registered and ordered our system accepts these rules and cannot complain and claim any problems.

Article 11
The data written in the service descriptions are not up-to-date, but they are valid in this contract because service descriptions are only preliminary information and warranty and start times are not valid since we do not know what data instantly reflect any service.

Article 12
www.embersmmworldpanel.com reserves the right to change these items without notice.

For Support you can contact us at 



If you would like to receive affiliate earnings as cash/payout please order the affiliate payout service and then open a ticket with the ID number 

Affiliate System - cookie browsers keep record for 120 Days

Affiliate Cap both for Balance and Payout is 500, and then it will be paid out to the account if we can't reach you.

We can accept and use 

Payoneer/btc/transferwise/debit/zelle/google pay/cashapp

Include which one you'd like/have

Fees are taken out of total

Open a ticket with the order ID and your payment info before submitting payout request

*Affiliate payouts cannot be sent from balance  after 30 days please get in touch to withdraw Prior or it will be kept

as unwithdrawable balance

The affiliate payout cap is 1000$ for balance and 500$ for cash - Amounts that go over this will be lost

This is in place so users dont cash out in place the same day and make a payment issue for the site. If you have received over that amount and try to cash the balance, 500 will be sent as cash, the remainder up to 500 added balance

Anything over 1000$ will be removed when placing AFFILIATE PAY


SMM And Resellers  - Reseller prices cannot have affiliate even if it was active when account added its not possible